Crested Gecko

Do crested geckos need heat mats?

Do Crested Geckos Need Heat Mats?

Because I’m new to keeping Crested Geckos, I needed to know what the best way is to keep their vivarium at the right temperature. I found out that there are a lot of different ways to heat a Crested Gecko’s environment, including heat mats — but are heat mats really […]

Why is my crested gecko squeaking?

Here Is Why Your Crested Gecko Is Squeaking

Ever been caring for your crested gecko, only to find that he is squeaking up a storm? There is a reason behind this, and today you’re about to find out! Here is why your crested gecko is squeaking.  Crested geckos squeak as a way of saying, “I am afraid,” or […]

Do crested geckos need light at night?

Why Crested Geckos Do Not Need Light At Night

Do crested geckos need light at night? Is it okay for them to have limited to zero visibility? You might be asking these questions especially if you have a newly set up enclosure, and you are wondering how your crested gecko will do during the night. Crested geckos do not […]

why is my crested gecko so aggressive?

11 Reasons Why Your Crested Gecko Is Aggressive

If you are on the hunt for a low-maintenance and easy-going pet, then you don’t need to look any further than crested geckos. They’re very popular to keep as pets and perfect especially if you have children. However, sometimes things don’t always go so smoothly. Some people notice that their […]

Are crested geckos affectionate?

Are Crested Geckos Affectionate? What To Expect

Crested Geckos make amazing pets- they are tiny dinosaurs with the loveliest eyelashes. They are quite docile and like being handled. It’s no secret why humans have so much affection for Crested Geckos, but you may wonder if they can feel that same affection for us. The answer may surprise […]

Do crested geckos stink?

Crested Geckos Do Not Smell – THIS Does!

If you walk into a reptile room or catch a whiff of a crested gecko habitat that smells bad, you may begin to wonder just what it is about these creatures that smells so foul. Crested geckos do not smell. Instead, it is poorly maintained tanks that are the reasoning […]

Do crested geckos need uvb?

Do Crested Geckos Need UVB?

As you work to put together a great crested gecko habitat, you likely think of lots of questions about what you need. One of the most common ones we get is, “Do crested geckos need UVB?” Do Crested Geckos Need UVB? The answer is, not really. Some gecko keepers argue […]

How to bond with a crested gecko

The Surefire Way To Bond With Your Crested Gecko

Bonding with your crested gecko is fairly simple once you give it some time to acclimatize itself to you. While cresties are unlikely to ever form the deep bond shared with typical household pets like dogs and cats, they can get to a point where they are fairly comfortable in […]

are strawberries okay for crested geckos?

Should Crested Geckos Eat Strawberries?

Most (or maybe all!) of us humans love strawberries – strawberries and cream anyone? But does that hold true in case of crested geckos too? This post intends to definitively address whether or not it is OK for your crested gecko to eat strawberries and if so in what form […]