Crested Gecko

why does my crested gecko lick me?

Why Your Crested Gecko Licks You

While crested geckos licking themselves – especially their eyes, is nothing unusual (for reasons we will explain later in the post), it is somewhat strange if your crested gecko begins to lick you all too frequently, whenever you handle it. No wonder then, owners of such crested geckos often ask […]

How fast are crested geckos?

How Fast Crested Geckos Really Are

As you get used to being a proud crested gecko owner – or plan to become one soon, a question frequently on the minds of folks like you is “how fast is a typical crested gecko?” Does it sprint away or remain lethargic? How much space should be allocated for […]

Can crested geckos eat bananas?

Can Crested Geckos Eat Bananas?

With crested geckos confirmed as being frugivorous or fruit-eating, speculation remains rife about the fruits that can be fed to them. Among the options that arise, bananas are often considered. Accordingly, in this post, we confirm whether crested geckos can eat bananas. Can Crested Geckos Eat Bananas? yes, crested geckos can […]

Are crested geckos good swimmers?

Can Crested Geckos Swim? Be Careful!

Crested Geckos are very popular pet reptiles and of course, reptile keepers have a lot of different questions about them. Among the many queries posted frequently, one that comes up often is whether crested geckos can swim. So can Crested Geckos swim? Yes, crested geckos can swim but they are […]

Can I feed my crested gecko apples?

Should You Feed Your Crested Gecko Apples?

Curiosity around the diet of your beloved crested gecko often extends to its fruit intake – what fruits are good for it? Among various options, apples often come up as a viable choice. Accordingly, in this post we address the inclusion of apples in your crested gecko’s diet. Can crested […]

Can I feed my crested geckos tomatoes?

Why Crested Geckos Should Not Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes have become omnipresent globally to the extent that there are few if any countries or cultures around the world where they are not consumed by humans. So does that way of life apply to your beloved crested gecko as well? Should you be feeding tomatoes to it? Can crested […]