Reptile Questions

Can you walk a leopard gecko on a leash?

Can You Walk A Leopard Gecko On A Leash?

Dogs go for walks on leashes. Sometimes, cat owners even take their felines out for a stroll. But could a reptile such as a leopard gecko go out on a leash? It may sound outlandish, but it is a possibility. This is thanks to products manufactured, especially for small reptiles, […]

Why is my leopard gecko so stressed?

11 Things That Will Stress Your Leopard Gecko

Curious about what happens when your leopard gecko gets stressed out? It can be a scary thing to see- after all, these cute little lizards are known for being calm, hardy little pets. Not to worry, however. This article aims to show you how to cope. We will discuss fifteen […]

Do Leopard Geckos Need Misting? 7 Facts You Must Know

As a new leo owner, you’re probably wondering how you can keep him hydrated and comfortable. You provide him with water and make sure the temperature within the habitat is adequate. You’re wondering whether your leopard gecko could also do with a little misting, especially during sweltering weather conditions. Is […]

Can I take my leopard geckos outside?

Is It Okay To Take Leopard Geckos Outside?

Going outside feels good- fresh air, sunlight, and just being in nature is good for everybody. What about your leopard gecko? If you took him outside, could something bad happen? Are there benefits? Can I Take My Leopard Geckos Outside? Yes, you can take your leopard gecko outside. However, taking […]

Do crested geckos need baths?

Do Crested Geckos Need Baths?

Considering my love for reptiles, when one of my friends gifted me a Crested Gecko, I was extremely happy. But soon after, I felt worried, wondering whether to bathe it or not. However, after consulting with other Crested Gecko owners and researching about raising Geckos, I have succeeded in taking […]

Can crested geckos hear?

How Well Do Crested Geckos Hear?

Crested geckos do not have an external ear structure akin to most other species yet do possess reasonably good hearing. In this post, we will explore a variety of nuances related to the hearing of crested geckos in particular (as opposed to all species of geckos as a whole). As […]

how bad are leopard gecko bites?

How Bad Are Leopard Gecko Bites Really?

Initially, when I first got a Leopard Gecko from a friend, I knew Geckos are great pets for beginners like me but was not aware of the fact that they sometimes do bite. And then when I got bitten by my Leopard Gecko for the first time, I started my […]

How often can I handle my crested gecko?

How Often Should You Handle Your Crested Gecko?

Newbie crested gecko pet owners simply cannot wait to handle this new member of their family. They would love to hold it and experience it walk all over them. Yet, there are precautions to take as far as handling crested geckos goes, especially with regard to the frequency with which […]

Why is my crested gecko active during the day?

Why Your Crested Gecko Is Awake During The Day

Crested geckos are surely interesting pets to have. Whether you are handling them or just plainly watching them, they can surely provide you with endless entertainment due to their charming quirks. You might be even staying awake during the wee hours of the night, just to watch them be active. […]