Reptile Behavior

why do leopard geckos wag their tails?

Why Your Leopard Gecko Is Wagging Its Tail

You stumble upon your leo profusely wagging his tail, and this happened a few times since you recently got him. While you’re completely mesmerized by this spectacular display, you’re also wondering whether he could be coming down with something? What else could this possibly indicate? Why does my leopard gecko […]

do crested geckos bite?

Why Crested Geckos Bite And How To Stop It

I never imagined that I could have a reptile as my pet until I saw a cute Crested Gecko at my friend’s place. After that, within a few weeks, I got myself one little Crested Gecko which bit me a couple of times during its initial period with me. Since […]

Why is my crested gecko on the ground?

Why Your Crested Gecko Is On The Ground

Although known to mostly spend their time climbing branches and foliage, some crested geckos are often found preferring to stay on the ground for various reasons. Why Your Crested Gecko Is On The Ground: Crested geckos are arboreal lizards, which means they are usually found on higher branches and other […]

Are crested geckos social?

Here Is How Social Crested Geckos Are

Having Geckos is different from your typical domestic species making it more difficult to understand if they are happy or not. Here Is How Social Crested Geckos Are. The crested Gecko is a crepuscular solitary creature that prefers to live alone. Left to their own devices, and you will only […]

Why is my crested gecko's mouth open?

4 Reasons Why Your Crested Gecko’s Mouth Is Open

Reptiles, just like the crested gecko can be tricky to decipher. Unlike cats and dogs where you can immediately see if something wrong with them, crested geckos require you to be a keen observer. Even the most normal behavior can mean something else in the world of reptiles. A simple […]