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Why Crested Geckos Can’t Live With Other Reptiles

can crested geckos live with other reptiles?

Sometimes, Crested Geckos owners wish to have other pets besides their lizards. Therefore, they want to know why Crested Geckos can’t live with other reptiles. Those who have tried know that coexistence of Geckos with others is possible, but the question of unwanted consequences arises.

Although Crested Geckos enjoy living on their own, they can tolerate other reptiles in some cases. However, keeping different species with opposed food, temperature, and moisture requirements is a problem. Plus, you should never combine predators and prey to prevent accidents.

This article explains why Crested Geckos can’t live with other reptiles. You will discover certain circumstances when they can tolerate others in its terrarium.

Can Crested Geckos Live With Other Reptiles? Let’s Have A Look!

Many reptile owners would like to keep their Crested Geckos with other pets, like frogs and other reptiles, in the same terrarium. Most hesitate since they are unsure what reaction to expect when pairing different species. Let’s take a look.

Can Crested Geckos Live With Leopard Geckos?

Despite both species being Geckos, these lizards come from entirely different parts of the world. Since their dietary, temperature, and humidity requirements do not match at any point, you should never make such a combination.

For instance, Leopard Geckos are native to hot regions and can stand temperatures up to 95 F (35 C). On the other hand, Crested Geckos come from a semi-tropical island near Australia and require consistent temperatures of about 70 to 82 F (21 – 27.8 C).

Another thing is their habits. Both Geckos enjoy living independently and rarely do well with others.

Can Crested Geckos Live With Anoles?

Mixing these two species that don’t meet in the wild is absolutely not ideal. First of all, these two lizards enjoy a different environment.

Anoles require high temperatures that Crested Geckos can’t stand and vice versa. The low temperatures your Gecko needs will kill Anoles.

Plus, their activities are not harmonized. While the nocturnal Crested Gecko is the most active during the dark, the diurnal Anole prefers daily activities.

Some owners claim that these two species can live together in the big terrarium. Unfortunately, it is not an ordinary case since you can expect Anoles to probably push Crested Geckos out and compete with it for resources.

Can Crested Geckos Live With Bearded Dragons?

As you know, reptiles can be too sensitive, and keeping your Crested Gecko with Bearded Dragons in the same terrarium is a promise of disaster. The reason is different characteristics, habits, and needs.

Bearded Dragons would probably be curious when meeting their roommate. On the other hand, Crested Geckos will behave the opposite since it is not a social creature and hates contact with other species.

Since both lizards are territorial, particularly males, you can expect them to fight and probably injure each other. There is a chance that lizards of the opposite sex can share space, but it will be complicated during mating time.

Can Crested Geckos Live With Snakes?

Snakes are predators, and you can expect them to harm your Crested Gecko. On the other hand, an aggressive Gecko will probably attack a snake and end up hurt or even eaten.

Some owners have tried to keep small snakes with their lizards, but it is often a very stressful combination.

If you are unsure what to do, you should follow the simple rule. Never put together two species that never come into contact while living in nature.

Can Crested Geckos Live With Frogs?

Can you put anything in with a crested gecko?

When it comes to Crested Geckos and frogs, you can notice significant differences between these species’ needs and habits, making living together difficult.

If you decide to keep your Crested Gecko with a frog, you need to adjust the terrarium size to their needs and provide an environment adequate for both species.

Unfortunately, your Gecko will probably bite or even kill small frogs.

Can Crested Geckos Live With Other Members of Its Species?

If you like Crested Geckos and want to have a few, you probably wonder whether it is wise to keep them in the same terrarium.

We have explained everything in detail in our article on keeping crested geckos in pairs (you can read it here).

Basically, you should be aware that there are a few possible combinations, including:

A few male Crested Geckos

This combination is not a good idea because male Crested Geckos are highly aggressive and naturally territorial.

The best option is to avoid keeping more than one adult male in the same terrarium. Otherwise, you will face a constant fight and probably injured lizards.

One male Crested Gecko with one female

This pair can live together without any problems, but you can expect to get numerous hatchlings over time. Remember that females need a cooling down period, so it is better to avoid keeping them together outside the breeding season.

One male Crested Gecko with several females

One male Crested Gecko can share the same space with up to three females, but it primarily depends on the terrarium size.

One male crested gecko with three female geckos is the most common combination.

A few female Crested Geckos

Since females are socially tolerant and are not territorial, it is possible to keep a few of them together. Authors from the West Virginia Academy of Science experimented with two groups of three female Crested Geckos.

They concluded that female Geckos could live together without significant problems after establishing a hierarchy. One dominant and two submissive females can share the same terrarium in such a combination.

can crested geckos live with bearded dragons?

A group of several Crested Gecko males and females

It is never wise to keep multiple males in the same terrarium because adults are highly territorial animals. Their dominant behavior even worsens when females are present, often resulting in fights.

A few male Crested Geckos with one female

It is the worst possible combination, with males fighting for the leading position and trying to breed with this one female. Such a horrible solution is stressful for a female and often ends up with hurt males.


Since hatchlings and juveniles are more social than adults, you can keep them together in the same terrarium for a while. However, it is better to separate them after reaching sexual maturity.


Crested Geckos are loners by nature, and they often enjoy spending time on their own both in the wild and terrarium.

Even though you can try keeping your lizard with frogs and some reptiles, it will be the happiest without company. Otherwise, you can expect brutal fighting, primarily between males, and end up with Gecko, which suffers from stress.

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