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why does my crested gecko lick me?
Crested Gecko, Reptile Questions

Why Your Crested Gecko Licks You

While crested geckos licking themselves – especially their eyes, is nothing unusual (for reasons we will explain later in the post), it is somewhat strange if your crested gecko begins to lick you all too frequently, whenever you handle it. No wonder then, owners of such crested geckos often ask themselves: Why is my crested […]

Can crested geckos eat bananas?
Crested Gecko, Reptile Diet

Can Crested Geckos Eat Bananas?

With crested geckos confirmed as being frugivorous or fruit-eating, speculation remains rife about the fruits that can be fed to them. Among the options that arise, bananas are often considered. Accordingly, in this post, we confirm whether crested geckos can eat bananas. Can Crested Geckos Eat Bananas? yes, crested geckos can eat bananas. While being high […]