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What Do Bearded Dragons Hate? Avoid This!

what do bearded dragons hate?

Bearded Dragons are well-behaving pets when they enjoy adequate living conditions and environment. However, they sometimes surprise their owners with hatred toward some animals and objects. The question is how to prevent stress and health issues caused by things your lizard can’t stand.

Bearded Dragon owners often notice that their lizards hate some ways of treating them and other animals’ presence, including members of their own kind. However, objects of their hatred can be pretty bizarre, like ceiling fans, their own reflection on the glass, vibrations, and vegetables.

This article will show you the list of objects and animals your Bearded Dragon probably dislikes and the problems its hatred can cause.

Things Your Bearded Dragon Probably Dislikes or Even Hates

It can be pretty strange when noticing how many things kind and lovely pets, like Bearded Dragons, can hate. There is a list of animals and objects you should keep away from your lizard to keep it healthy and free of stress.

1. Other Bearded Dragons

What makes a bearded dragon mad?

Most owners know that their Bearded Dragons often hate other lizards, including those from their own species. However, it is always surprising to see their negative reactions manifesting in their peers’ presence.

Males are too territorial to tolerate others in the same tank, and their typical instinctive reaction when noticing another lizard is to attack.

The only way to prevent such behavior is to keep your Beardie alone and possibly let the female into the terrarium during the mating season.

2. Birds

In the wild, birds are predators and mean danger for bearded dragons.

Luckily, the possibility for your Beardie to see a bird inside the house is minimal, and you can avoid problems by not keeping birds (if you have any) in the same room as your dragon.

3. Other animals

Even though there are videos of bearded dragons cuddling with cats and playing with dogs, in most cases, your lizard will tend to hide inside the tank when noticing animals walking around the tank.

Unfortunately, aggressive reactions are also possible. Still, many beardies can get used to other animals over time.

4. Grabbing their bodies from above

What should you not do to your bearded dragon?
“Leave me alone, Karen! I had a rough day!”

Most bearded dragons hate it when you try to grab it from above, particularly when doing that without any warning.

Such a move makes it feel threatened since your hand might look like a bird grabbing the beardie from above. The simplest way to avoid this inconvenience is to pick your pet up from the side gently.

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5. Grabbing the tail

Like most animals, Bearded Dragons hate when someone grabs their tail since any pulling of body parts quickly leads to severe bone damage.

It is highly likely that your pet perceives such a move as an attack and will react aggressively.

6. Their own reflection

Bearded dragons are territorial and they are not able to understand that they are seeing their own reflection.

Therefore, when they see their reflection in a mirror or in their own tank, they might show a black beard, hiss, wave, or head bob.

7. Tight and confined spaces

As you know, Bearded Dragons require large tanks to be happy and satisfied.

Therefore, you should provide a terrarium of about 20 to 40 gallons (75 – 150 l) for hatchlings and juveniles to feel safe and comfortable. Once your lizard grows, you should buy a more sizable space.

Experts recommend a terrarium of 55 to 120 gallons (210 – 455 l) for adult Bearded Dragons, depending on their size and gender.

Be aware that too small spaces make them nervous because they enjoy spending time moving around freely without too many restrictions.

8. Sudden and unexpected movements

What do bearded dragons do when they are mad?

Remember that your Bearded Dragon considers any sudden and unexpected movement a threat, and you can expect an almost immediate reaction. Whether the response is offensive or defensive depends on your pet’s temperament.

9. Loud noises

Even though lizards have a limited possibility of vocalization, they have decent auditory capabilities.

Loud noises quickly stress them, including everyday activities like:

  • Kids’ yelling or cries
  • Loud music
  • Pouring water into the sink or bathtub
  • Washing machine or dishwasher operation

Typically, lizards hate being exposed to noise, but your Bearded Dragon may like listening to music or watching TV when the tone is moderate.

Moreover, some kinds of music can stimulate your lizard when it fits its average auditory range of 500 to 4,000 hertz.

If you know that humans can tolerate 20 to 20,000 hertz, you can understand how many problems your Beardie can have with everyday sounds you and your family produce.

The best option is to try various sounds until finding those your pet can tolerate or even like. Interestingly, Bearded Dragons can prefer a particular music genre, depending on their personalities, but most enjoy relaxing and calm music.

If your Beardie likes the music you play, it will become playful and active. You can also notice it lying relaxed, turning toward the music source, or even trying to get closer to it.

Otherwise, you can expect it to become aggressive or try to hide inside the terrarium.

10. Vibrations

Most Bearded Dragons are hypersensitive to all kinds of intense vibrations, particularly those caused by heavy machinery operating. Be aware that they can be intimidating for them.

In ideal circumstances, you should keep your lizard away from construction working zones to prevent it from feeling restless and stressed.

In extreme situations, an overly agitated Beardie will start running across the tank when the machine is turned on and probably injure itself in panic.

11. Bright lights when preparing to sleep

Bearded Dragons enjoy sleeping in the dark, and bright light during the night will disturb their specific sleep rhythm. You can expect your pet to become annoyed and highly irritated when its sleep is roughly and unexpectedly disturbed.

12. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are one more bizarre thing for Bearded Dragons to hate. They can’t stand fans spinning above their heads since they think the fan might be a predator.

You can see your lizard react aggressively and prepare to attack as soon as this device starts working.

13. Spending too much time in the tank

The problem of long staying in the tank is not typical for all Bearded Dragons.

Some enjoy being left alone, but others hate staying inside all day and scratch the glass as soon as you enter the room to tell you that they want to come out.

Some dragons even like walking on a leash, like dogs.

14. Vegetables

Luckily, not all Beardies hate veggies, but some are pretty serious about their dissatisfaction.

It can be a problem since this food is a crucial part of your lizard’s balanced and healthy diet. Therefore, you should find a way to help your pet to overcome this hatred.

Chopping and grinding greens can be one of the solutions, but you should find the best way to trick your pet. After all, isn’t it weird that a lizard eating vegetables as part of its daily diet hates that type of food?

Problems That May Occur When Your Bearded Dragon Hates Something

what do bearded dragons dislike?

Be aware that nothing will happen when your lizard is furious from time to time, but prolonged stress often causes various health issues.

Some Beardies refuse to eat in such circumstances, resulting in losing weight and sometimes fatal outcomes.

You can quickly notice that your lizard feels unsatisfied and uncomfortable by seeing common signs, such as:

  • Fluffing up and darkening its beard
  • Hiding in a corner or under accessories inside the tank
  • Keeping mouth open and eyes closed for too long
  • Avoiding your attempts to pick it up
  • Hissing and trying to attack you
  • Clawing at the tank walls

Your goal should be to keep your Bearded Dragon away from things it hates before a severe problem appears. It is the only way to have your lovely pet healthy and satisfied for years.

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