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Repashy Calcium Plus: Good For Leopard Geckos?

Repashy Calcium Plus leopard gecko

We know how important calcium is to our leopard geckos. It does not only aid their metabolic processes but also takes care of their bone density. But which calcium supplement should you use? Is Repashy Calcium Plus good for leopard geckos?

Repashy Calcium Plus is a good all-in-one calcium powder. It is highly recommended by veterinarians as it also has vitamins and minerals that benefit your leopard gecko. The biggest downside is its fruity smell which may discourage them from eating dusted insects.

Why is Repashy Calcium plus usually recommended by vets? Keep on reading to learn more about the pros and cons of using this calcium powder!

What Is Repashy Calcium Plus?

It is an all-in-one calcium powder that you can dust on your feeders. A lot of owners do not use other vitamins when they use this powder as it comes with other vitamins and minerals already.

It has the following:

  • Calcium (minimum of 17%)
  • Vitamin A (minimum of 200,000 IU/lb)
  • Vitamin D (minimum of 20,000 IU/lb)
  • Vitamin E (minimum of 2,000 IU/lb)
  • Crude Protein (minimum of .2%)
  • Crude Fat (minimum of .2%)
  • Crude Fiber (maximum of 4%)

A lot of leopard gecko owners were introduced to Repashy Calcium Plus by their vets especially when their leos have calcium deficiency problems. You can take a look at the video below to see what the powder looks like and how it was used.

Calcium is essential to your leopard gecko’s diet. It is something that they cannot simply get from feeder insects. Check out our calcium guide to learn more about adding calcium powders to your feeders.

Why Is Repashi Calcium Plus Good For Leopard Geckos?

The biggest advantage of using this calcium powder is that it provides an adequate amount of calcium to your leopard geckos.

It is also an added plus that you do not need to mix it with other vitamin powders because it already comes with other nutrients.

It was also made to stick well on feeders. Even when the feeder is wet, the powder will not slide off, so you are sure that your leos are getting their fill of the calcium powder.

A lot of owners have noticed that this powder sticks like glue to the feeders that there are no trace amounts of powder to be seen after feeding.

Another good thing is that you no longer have to alternate using a vitamin powder with D3 and no D3 as this powder provides for those.

Just keep in mind that using additional vitamin powders with calcium along with this powder can be excessive for your leo.

Lastly, a little goes a long way with this product. On an average-sized leopard gecko, a 3 oz. bottle of Repashy Calcium Plus can last for a long time.

Be mindful that the vitamin needs of leopard geckos may vary based on their current status.

If your leo is suffering from MBD (metabolic bone disease) or some other sickness, their supplement intake may change based on the recommendation of your vet.

On the other hand, if you need to enhance your leo’s appetite or you need to make them grow faster as they are underweight, you can take a look at our vitamin guide to see which vitamin can help you with that.

What Are The Cons Of Using Repashy Calcium Plus?

is repashy calcium plus good for leopard geckos?

The biggest disadvantage of using this calcium powder is that it can dissuade your leopard gecko from eating your feeder insects. This is due to its banana smell which is not enticing to leos.

Some owners have observed that their leos do not eat the feeders immediately when left on the dish when dusted with this powder. Others tried to use tongs to pick up the feeder and wave it in front of their leos to encourage them to eat.

In contrast, some owners just leave some of the powder on a dish, even without a feeder and their leos just go for it.

Another owner noted that it does not stick well on mealworms. A quick fix for this is to wet the mealworm a bit to let the powder stick.

Finally, its sticky formulation occasionally can turn into a wet sludge. When it turns into this consistency, it will be harder for your leo to get to it.

Therefore, it is best to use it on days you do not mist their enclosure so as not to add to the moisture.


Repashy Calcium Plus is good for leopard geckos as it meets their calcium needs and it also provides other essential nutrients.

If you have a picky leo that does not like the scent of anything fruity, then this might not be good for them.

Only because, you are not assured that they will eat the dusted feeder.

On the other hand, if you just monitor them while eating and you have the time to use tongs to encourage eating, it is a great choice for calcium powder.

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