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50 Awesome Names For Pet Green Anoles

names for green anoles

Picking out an awesome name for your green anoles is a challenge. They have different personalities and temperaments that one can hardly keep track of.

Whether you’re looking for a creative or classic name, let’s go ahead and read the list of 50 awesome names for green anoles.

50 Awesome Names for Green Anoles

names for male green anoles

Male Green Anoles

Male anoles have pink or red dewlaps on the underside of their necks. They use these in defending their territory or when wooing females.

Choose from the names in the list below for your male lizard pal.

NameWhere the Name Comes From
Bruni• The fire spirit in “Frozen II” who is initially shy and skittish
• Warms up eventually if you have patience in understanding him
Draco• Latin translation for “dragon”
• A good name for a fierce male green anole
GodzillaGreen anoles can bite their owners like the prehistoric sea monster Godzilla
Houdini• Green anoles are like little “escape artists” like Harry Houdini in search of the best place to hide
Iggy• English name that means “fiery one”
Igor• Russian name that means “warrior”
• Namesake of Igor Karkaroff, Durmstrang headmaster in “Harry Potter”
Jaden• Name of the actor, Jaden Smith, of “Karate Kid”
Leonardo• The Italian version of the German name “Leonhard” meaning “brave as a lion”
Mushu• Mulan’s lizard-sized dragon sidekick who thinks of himself as large and mighty
Norbert• The Norwegian Ridgeback dragon Rubeus Hagrid of the “Harry Potter” series raised
Pascal• Rapunzel’s cute chameleon sidekick in “Tangled”
Puff• The dragon character from the “Puff the Magic Dragon” song
• This can refer to the dewlaps male anoles puff up in courtship and territory defense
Randall• A lizard-looking scarer in the “Monsters, Inc.” movie
Rango• A bizarre-looking chameleon in the 2011 animated comedy film, “Rango
Rex• Nickname for the anxious Tyrannosaurus Rex in “Toy Story”
Rocky• Green anoles can change their skin color from green to brown (like brown-colored rocks near bodies of water)
Sirius• Harry Potter’s animagus (can turn into a dog) godfather
Smaug• The last “great dragon” in “The Hobbit”
Snaps at anyone grabbing his stuff (aka food)
Spike• Twilight Sparkles pre-teen dragon best friend in “My Little Pony”
Spyro• Purple dragon in the classic 1998 Playstation video game series, “Spyro
Toothless• A cute name for a tiny green anole who does have teeth but loves acting like a mighty dragon
Woody• An ode to the forested (lots of trees) areas green anoles live in
Yoda•A green-skinned humanoid alien in “Star Wars”
Yoshi• The cute, green dinosaur in “Super Mario”
Zuko• A firebending royal in “Avatar: The Last Airbender” 
• Has a prominent scar on his left eye, similar to the red or pink dewlaps of the green anoles
A table of the 25 awesome names for male green anoles

Female Green Anoles

names for female green anoles

Female anoles have a light stripe running from the dorsal surface of their neck to the tail. Their stomachs also appear larger when they’re pregnant.

Do you want learn more about green anoles? Read our green anole care guide?

Take a good look at this name list for your gorgeous female green anole.

NameWhere the Name Comes From
Amity• Latin name that means “friendship”
Aurora• The green anole’s skin color is a visual reminder of the green aurora borealis
Cleo• Short form of “Cleopatra”
• A good name for a badass female green anole
Daphne• A female nymph in Greek mythology associated with bodies of freshwater
Fiona• The fiery princess in the “Shrek” series who turns into a green-skinned ogre at sunset
Ivy• An evergreen climbing plant commonly found in forests
Jade• A feminine counterpart of the name “Jaden”
• A precious stone in Chinese society
Khaleesi• One of the many nicknames of Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones”
Lima• Spanish name of “lime”
Lizzy• A girly name that pays homage to the green anole’s lizard roots
Maleficent• The “evil fairy” who can transform into a dragon in “Sleeping Beauty”
Medusa• The gorgon in Greek mythology known for her head full of snakes (reptiles) and petrifying stare
Miss Crawly• Buster Moon’s trusty yet mistake-prone iguana assistant in “Sing”
Misty• Literally refers to “mist,” a beautiful reminder of nature
Neli• An ironic name for speedy green anoles who can travel up to 6 miles an hour despite their big toepads
Nessie• Nickname given to the imaginary “Loch Ness Monster”
Nikita• The nimble female protagonist in “Nikita” 
Reminder of the green anole’s agility thanks to rapid evolution
Peridot• The green gemstone that is one of the 3 birthstones for August
Pip• Short for “Pipsqueak”
• Has a cute sound to it, like how cute green anoles are
Princess• The female child of a king and queen
Makes your green anole part of the royal family
Sierra• Spanish word for “mountain range”
Tonks• The name Nymphadora Tonks, a shapeshifting witch in “Harry Potter,” prefers to be called
Verde• Spanish translation of “green”
Wanda• Name of a legendary Polish queen in the 8th century
Xena• The feisty female titular character in the 90s hit series, “Xena: Warrior Princess”
A table of 25 awesome names for female green anoles
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