Reptile Behavior

Why is my crested gecko squeaking?

Here Is Why Your Crested Gecko Is Squeaking

Ever been caring for your crested gecko, only to find that he is squeaking up a storm? There is a reason behind this, and today you’re about to find out! Here is why your crested gecko is squeaking.  Crested geckos squeak as a way of saying, “I am afraid,” or […]

why is my crested gecko so aggressive?

11 Reasons Why Your Crested Gecko Is Aggressive

If you are on the hunt for a low-maintenance and easy-going pet, then you don’t need to look any further than crested geckos. They’re very popular to keep as pets and perfect especially if you have children. However, sometimes things don’t always go so smoothly. Some people notice that their […]

Why do leopard geckos eat their shed skin?

Why Do Leopard Geckos Eat Their Shed Skin?

Part of the fun of having a leo is you get to observe all their funny, interesting, and sometimes concerning movements. And occasionally, you catch them doing things that make you scratch your head. Why leopard geckos eat their shed skin? The act of shedding skin is a tough process. […]

Why is my leopard gecko so aggressive?

5 Reasons Why Your Leopard Gecko Is Aggressive

What we view as aggressive behavior is your leopard gecko being defensive! So why is your leopard gecko so aggressive? To lessen their hostile attitude you have to figure out what is agitating them to the point where they feel that they need to defend themselves. This could either because […]

Can leopard geckos climb?

Can Leopard Geckos Climb Like Other Geckos?

Watch any gecko go about his business, and you will undoubtedly see that these creatures are great at climbing.  It is unreal to see it in person: A tiny creature scaling the wall like nature’s very own secret agent. The way they defy gravity is utterly fantastic. How can we […]

Why is my leopard gecko digging?

Why Your Leopard Gecko Is Digging

Part of the fun of having a leo is that you get to watch them go about their daily business in their habitat. For us reptile fans, this is funny, informative, endearing, and just cool to watch. It also makes you ask questions about the behavior you are witnessing. Why […]

Are leopard geckos friendly?

Are Leopard Geckos Really Friendly?

Take one look at a leopard gecko and you may just fall in love. After all, they feature many different morphs and plenty of cool patterns and combine this with the smile they always appear to be wearing, and you have a winner of a pet. Are leopard geckos really […]