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Guess an Animal Quiz

Guess An Animal Quiz

Test your knowledge on various animals!

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What arboreal serpent, known for its striking green coloration and white markings, is depicted here?Green Tree Python

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What is this vibrantly colored reptile, known for its ability to change hues and its independently mobile eyes?panther chameleon

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What is the name of this iguana known for its distinctive red and green coloration during the breeding season, which has led to its festive nickname? marine christmas iguana

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What stout-bodied gecko, native to the arid central regions of Australia and recognized by its bumpy skin and knob-tailed feature, is shown in this image?

Centralian Rough Knob-tailed Gecko

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This snake is often mistaken for venomous species due to its similar coloration and patterns. What non-venomous snake is this, known for its docile nature and tendency to thrive in a variety of habitats?

grass snake

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Often regarded as one of the deadliest snakes due to its potent venom and aggressive nature when cornered, which snake is this, known for its sleek body and speed?

black mamba

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Known for their powerful jaws and belligerent disposition, which type of turtle is this, often found in freshwater habitats across North America?

snapping turtle

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With a pattern of dark bands on its back and a distinct rattle on its tail, this snake is often found in the forests of the Eastern United States. What species is it?

timber rattlesnake

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This small, spotted reptile is a favorite among pet enthusiasts for its ease of care and distinctive appearance. What is it called?

leopard gecko

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This reptile is the heaviest lizard on Earth, known for its formidable size and a unique group of islands it inhabits in Indonesia. What is it?

comodo dragon

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This popular pet reptile is known for its distinctive beard-like collar and its ability to display a range of emotions through body language. What is it?

bearded dragon

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