Leopard Gecko

Will leopard geckos eat mealworm beetles?

Will Leopard Geckos Eat Mealworm Beetles?

Known also as darkling beetles, mealworm beetles are what mealworms will become if you let them mature long enough. It can happen to many leopard gecko and reptile enthusiasts with busy reptile rooms and colonies of mealworms. You certainly don’t want to waste a perfectly good insect, so what are […]

Can leopard geckos eat dubia roaches?

Should Leopard Geckos Eat Dubia Roaches?

As leopard gecko owners, it can be hard to figure out what insects are best for your gecko. The best ones to feed are crickets, mealworms, and…. Dubia roaches! This article will show you everything you need to know about how to feed dubia roaches in a safe way. Yes, […]

Can leopard geckos eat superworms?

Are Superworms Really Okay For Leopard Geckos?

Superworms are just one of the many treats that leopard geckos can enjoy as part of a healthy, balanced diet. The real question is, what makes them a treat, and how often should they be fed? Can leopard geckos eat superworms? Yes, leopard geckos can absolutely eat superworms. However, these […]

why do leopard geckos wag their tails?

Why Your Leopard Gecko Is Wagging Its Tail

You stumble upon your leo profusely wagging his tail, and this happened a few times since you recently got him. While you’re completely mesmerized by this spectacular display, you’re also wondering whether he could be coming down with something? What else could this possibly indicate? Why does my leopard gecko […]

how bad are leopard gecko bites?

How Bad Are Leopard Gecko Bites Really?

Initially, when I first got a Leopard Gecko from a friend, I knew Geckos are great pets for beginners like me but was not aware of the fact that they sometimes do bite. And then when I got bitten by my Leopard Gecko for the first time, I started my […]

Do leopard geckos need water?

Do Leopard Geckos Need Water?

Often new reptile owners wonder whether giving their Leopard Geckos water is necessary or not. Initially, I wondered about it too. Since taking care of them is different from that of taking care of mammals, such doubts and confusion often arise. But, now after spending more than six years with […]