7 Venomous Snakes of Australia

Known for its camouflage and ambush hunting, the Common Death Adder possesses potent venom.


Common Death Adder

Considered one of the world's most venomous snakes, the Coastal Taipan is found in northern and eastern Australia.


Coastal Taipan

Also called the "Fierce Snake," it has the most toxic venom among snakes globally; fortunately, it is reclusive.


Inland Taipan

Highly venomous and widespread, the Eastern Brown Snake is responsible for many snakebite incidents in Australia.


Eastern Brown Snake

Despite its name, the King Brown Snake is not a true brown snake but is large, venomous, and found across Australia.


King Brown Snake

Recognizable by its striking red belly, this snake is venomous but typically has a shy disposition.


Red-bellied Black Snake

Found in southeastern Australia, the Mainland Tiger Snake possesses potent neurotoxic venom and can be aggressive if provoked.


Mainland Tiger Snake

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