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7 INteresting Facts about Wood Frog


The Wood Frog has a remarkable ability to survive freezing temperatures by entering a state of suspended animation during hibernation.

Identified by a dark mask-like pattern across its eyes, the Wood Frog has a unique appearance that aids in its recognition.

These frogs prefer breeding in vernal pools, temporary water bodies that reduce the risk of fish predation on their tadpoles.

Wood Frog tadpoles undergo a rapid metamorphosis, transforming into froglets in just a few weeks after hatching.

Wood Frogs have a broad distribution, spanning North America, and are often the first amphibians to emerge in the spring after winter hibernation.

During the breeding season, male Wood Frogs create a chorus of quacking-like calls to attract females to breeding sites.

Their mottled brown coloration provides effective camouflage in woodland environments, offering protection against predators.