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7 Interesting Facts About Water Moccasin


The Water Moccasin, or Cottonmouth, is a venomous semiaquatic snake found in the southeastern United States, known for its distinctive open-mouth defensive display.

They inhabit a range of environments, from swamps and marshes to rivers and lakes, demonstrating adaptability to both aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

With a venomous bite, the Water Moccasin delivers a hemotoxic venom that can cause tissue damage, making it a species to be approached with caution.

Identified by its dark coloration, a thick body, and a distinctive facial pit, the Water Moccasin is easily recognizable in its habitat.

Water Moccasins can be territorial, defending their space with an aggressive display, including coiling, hissing, and exposing the white interior of their mouths.

These snakes primarily feed on fish, amphibians, and small mammals, displaying a varied diet depending on their habitat.

Water Moccasins play a role in controlling populations of certain prey species, contributing to the ecological balance of their wetland habitats.