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7 Most Venomous Snakes in Australia

These slithering creatures  are dangerous. Step into the world of snakes.

Common Death Adder Before antivenin, about half of its bites led to death, often within two hours due to paralysis and respiratory failure.

Coastal Taipan With the third most potent venom among land snakes, swift help is vital. Before the 1950s antivenin, almost all bites were fatal in under 60 minutes.

Inland Taipan The inland taipan, dubbed the fierce snake, isn’t known for its aggression but for its lethal bite. It

Eastern Brown Snake Its venom is so potent that even a small amount can lead to  cerebral hemorrhage or a heart attack within an hour.

Mainland Tiger Snake It contributes significantly to reported snake bites (around 17 percent), with an untreated fatality estimate of roughly 50 percent.

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